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Photo by : Alan Lisperguer
Photo by: Bastian Muller

We report before Bolivia and before the world that our government is breaking the constitution, which they themselves put into law. Also the Environment Act, the Protected Areas Act and many other national laws and international commitments. They are trying to build this road, which would cause the greatest ecological destruction in the history of Bolivia, illegally without respect for the law or the rights of the indigenous peoples who inhabit it.
The road constitutes an attack on the life and culture of the Moxenos, Yurakaré and Chimanes peoples. It would also condemn to extinction the unique fauna and flora of the forest. The rivers, lakes and scenic beauty of the area would be irreparably affected. We ask President Morales that he is consistent with his speech and laws in defence of Mother Earth and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Is this to be Evo Morales' contribution to the destruction of the Bolivian Amazon?

The 29th Meeting of the Corregidores of TIPNIS (2010) People who took part:
people from the yurakaré, mojeña and chimane communities of TIPNIS,
indigenous community representatives and their assistants,
Basilio Nolvani the mayor of San Ignacio de Moxos,
councillor Ignacia Vilche,
Sixto Bejarano the subgovernor of Beni,
asambleistas Teresa Limpias and William Cuellar,
the moxeño deputy Pedro Nuny and the director of SERNAP Adrián Nogales...

All of us with the commitment to UNITE to DEFEND TIPNIS...

The decision of the meeting was unanimous, reflecting the will of all of the communities of the park area – we reject any road that will pass through TIPNIS.

RESOLUTION # 001/2010 English version

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Citizens of Bolivia and the world:
We will defend ISIBORO SÉCURE!

No to the highway of the apocalypse
Villa Tunari to San Ignacio de Moxos!

Photos by : André Baertschi and Alan Lisperguer



Between 2002 and 2010, eight indigenous communities disappeared in the colonized zone of TIPNIS.
No need to read our cruel history of colonisation. You can watch it being replayed here in TIPNIS. In the 21st century, we are watching an ethnocide that is being deliberately ignored by Government authorities.
What will be the consequences of the colonization of TIPNIS by coca growers?

Adolfo Moye (leader of the community representatives for the area):
"We have seen many communities end up surrounded by colonists, like for example in Santísima Trinidad where I live along with 140 indigenous families mixed with some colonists. We are in the centre of the colonized zone and are surrounded by coca growers.
In the community of Limo the brothers of the moxeño and yuracaré peoples now have barely a hectare and work as employees of the colonists. Their children have had to migrate to the regional capitals to search for work and are seeking to adopt another form of life.
In many villages only the elderly remain. Some communities, like Puerto Patiño and Isiborito have been extinguished and we don't know where our brothers and sisters who lived there have gone".

See complete interview (in Spanish)

Logging and illegal coca plantations have destroyed the colonized zone of TIPNIS. You can see this for yourself in the satellite photos. Evo Morales' government has the dubious honour to hold the deforestation record for the history of Bolivia.

Maps of destruction of TIPNIS

Invasion of TIPNIS by colonists

Because the Government was doing absolutely nothing to stop the illegal invasion, slash-and-burn and planting of coca in TIPNIS, on September 26th 2009 brave moxeño, chiman and yurakaré brothers fought and defended TIPNIS, managing to evict colonists... The police and the armed forces had to intervene to avoid a tragedy taking place.
Illegal invasions have been detected once more.
Is the government is waiting for a new confrontation? We demand that they fulfil the law and protect the land and the people.

Photo by Alan Lisperguer

The Cochabamba Tropic is dying... They lay the blame on climate change for the disasters which have taken place in Chapare and the tropic: hurricane winds, illnesses caused by mosquitoes and new outbreaks of disease.
However, the destruction of the land is the result of monoculture coca growing, illegal fishing with dynamite and poisons, illegal hunting, slash-and-burn, unsustainable logging, fumigation, fly tipping of rubbish and pollution of rivers with the toxic byproducts of cocaine processing.
The natural predators of the mosquitos are frogs, toads, lizards, spiders, ants and vipers. They are being exterminated by the destruction of their habitats and the use of pesticides for coca growing. The fish in the rivers are disappearing and the emergence of diseases like dengue fever are signs of the sickness of Mother Earth. The only creatures that are doing well out of this irrational and destructive process are the mosquitos.

Below are the conclusions of the TIPNIS forum in COCHABAMBA


"I am in favour of animal rights as well as human rights" Abraham Lincoln


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